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I started the drum circle in 2001 at the request of the Harvest Moon shop in Hitchin.

We originally met above the shop on Sunday afternoons but eventually the space was needed for something else and we moved to Gravenhurst village hall for a short spell before settling at the old Fruit Farm in Clophill village for many years.


We now meet in my studio in Gravenhurst every Thursday evening from 7.30 till 9.30 and have a huge amount of fun!.The circle is centered around playing the djembe drum but is open to any other drums and percussion that anyone would like to bring along as well as didgeridoos, shakers, agago bells, balafons & flutes etc.


We play traditional African, Japanese and contemporary rhythms, and often perform at a wide variety of events including festivals, fetes, parties, theatres etc.Most of the members of the circle started out coming for one to one tuition on djembe drum first and then graduated to the circle when they felt ready, which is my recommended approach, but others have joined the circle without one to one tuition and have learned to join in at their own pace.djembe drum can be supplied on request as well as hand held percussion and other instruments.


The drum circle really is a great deal of fun, a musical and social event in one! No experience or ability required. Come and have a go!


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