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I have been fascinated by the spirituality of sound ever since I sang Gregorian plainchant in a church choir as a young boy. In my teens my focus became more Eastern and I started listening to and chanting mantras and becoming very interested in yoga and mysticism in all its forms.


For many years I have been a yoga practitioner my morning sadhana (spiritual practice) includes a puja (an offering to the gods and goddesses), the singing of mantras, japa (sound meditation), pranayama (yogic breathing) and yoga postures.    


Over the years my interest in the science and spirituality of sound has grown and I have come to realise its centrality to our existence and the opportunities it offers to enhance our lives.


Over many years I have collected a large collection of instruments, most of which are considered sacred in their native cultures, and I have learned to play them together in a kit format (see below). This includes Sitar, Tabla, Didgeridoos, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Zither, Djembe drums, Carrilion, Ting Shas, and Tamboura. At the beginning of every session I do a sound bath using this kit while chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras to bring everyone into a peaceful, meditative state.


The next section is a collective yogic chant followed by breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation, then comes refreshments, followed by an open instrument workshop (including djembe drums, didgeridoos, tablas, tambouras,  singing bowls, gongs, cymbals, shakers, flutes etc) and finally there is a kirtan session (rhythmic chanting with drums shakers etc.) so people leave energised and uplifted.


These sessions are held fortnightly in my home studio, at yoga groups and festivals, they are friendly, informal and relaxed and require no previous experience or knowledge, just a willingness to open up to the gift of profound sound!