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Humdrum is a small very friendly, family oriented live world music festival in the broadest sense featuring music from every continent and from right here! There are also open mic sessions to give everyone the chance to shine, and little jam sessions are encouraged throughout the site!


Humdrum also has a central spiritual dimension with an opening and closing fire ceremony dedicating the whole event to the highest consciousness and setting the tone for the whole weekend.


There is also a daily morning Hindu puja ceremony followed by a yoga session, Sanskrit chanting, healing sound sessions as well as complimentary therapies including reiki, massage, sound journeying, and reflexology etc.  


Workshops include African djembe and Indian tabla drumming, didgeridoo, drum kit, Sanskrit chant,  yoga, willow weaving, and, very importantly, kids crafts and activities! The kids crafts and activities include treasure hunt, cake decorating, willow dream catcher, hat decorating, nature hunt, alphabet cookies, cakes, kids percussion and storytelling.


The café features delicious, home cooked, vegetarian food prepared by Fee Puleston who is rightly famous for her cooking! A typical menu would include jacket potato with side salad, mixed salad with falafel, humus and coleslaw, a pasta side dish, nachos with cheese salsa and guacamole.

As well as Victoria and lemon drizzle cake! Yum yum!    


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