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“We’ve always been inspired by Chris’ down to earth approach. He communicates directly with the musician in each and every one of us.”

Hazel Farrow, Music teacher, Bedford Modern School


" Truly magnificent performance from a man who lives, breaths and knows his drums and how to make them sing! Excellent entertainment to end our client's corporate dinner at Down Hall Manor and Country Club March 2010"

Robin Campbell - Solid Silver Productions.


“Chris is one of the most charismatic and dramatic entertainers you will ever see on stage, with his passionate followers (the Halfmoon Drum Circle) mimicking and echoing his tricks and humor, while Chris himself moves and dances to the sound he and his band are making!”

Andrew Gilbert


“I have been delighted to engage Chris’s services as Doudoumba for the last three years. His drum workshops are always a highlight of the weekend and I am regularly asked “is the man with all the drums coming back this year?” Chris’s skill as a drummer is unquestionable; but as Doudoumba his wealth of knowledge about drums together with unbounded enthusiasm and energy deliver a great show: everyone within hearing range is drawn in. And then there’s the didgeridoos and bells and shakers...

Our Woodworks customer survey in 2007 showed Doudoumba as the most popular of the music acts.

Guy Lambourne, Community Liason Forest of Marston Vale


“The energy and enthusiasm Chris demonstrates during his workshops are an inspiration for our pupils. He has encouraged them to show their own individual natural ability to play drums. In fact the children’s ability for natural rhythm is still apparent.

I would recommend Chris and the drumming workshop sessions to anyone who asked me”

Mrs L Rouse, Head Teacher


“Chris works very well with the children and he responds to their needs and realises their abilities. The children thoroughly enjoyed the work Chris did with them and they have requested his return”

Sharon Brady, Playleader, Coldharbour Childrens Centre


“Thank you very much for providing the percussion workshop at the Summer Scheme for young people with disabilities. This session was very well received and the young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

Sue Martin, Aylesbury Youth Action


Chris lives his life authentically and with real love for what he does. He says ‘I read somewhere that we all have to find our own unique vehicle for sharing our love with the World and I guess the music is mine especially at workshops and performances. It’s the perfect language’.

Whether it’s through the power of his music or the gentleness of his soul, you cannot fail to be drawn to Chris Puleston. His enjoyment of his music is contagious and I would recommend everyone to experience the sheer passion and vitality of a drumming workshop at least once in their lifetime!!

 Jayne Hall

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